WWE Icon Hints at Heel Turn: AEW Buzz Surrounds Ric Flair

WWE Icon Hints at Heel Turn: AEW Buzz Surrounds Ric Flair

Returning to the show tonight AEW Dynamite, Ric Flair provided a new and intriguing element to the final match of Sting.

With Sting scheduled to play his final fight at the pay-per-view event of the year AEW Revolution, previously Ric Flair appeared in the lead-up to the big show.

In the meantime, as he arrived onstage at AEW Dynamite, Ric Flair was in not in a good mood.

Ric Flair was spotted arriving at the arena, after a brief chat in conversation with Renee Paquette.

Flair admitted that He was dissatisfied by the way he’d been treated in AEW after he had not been on the show in the past few weeks.

He was advised to look at alternatives, he was followed by a knock at the door to an open room. The door received a response from Matthew as well as Nicholas Jackson, the Young Bucks.

Although the Bucks were shown to have granted Flair access into their area for lockers, there hasn’t been any information released about what transpired.

In the show, there was a scene featuring Darby Allin as well as Sting in which they highlighted the personal nature of their rivalry between The Young Bucks became after they beat his sons.

The singer revealed that his father was just dying, Sting has been contemplating the theme of death more than ever before.

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