WWE NXT Phenom Moves Forward in Main Roster Tournament Carmelo Hayes

WWE NXT Phenom Moves Forward in Main Roster Tournament Carmelo Hayes

WWE NXT star Carmelo Hayes has made it to the finals of the main roster tournament and also had an interview backstage alongside Kevin Owens.

In the best possible way of his major game, Carmelo Hayes picked up an impressive win in the match against Grayson Waller in the first of two United States Championship tournament matches.

In the storyline, Shawn Michaels sent up a specially selected representative of WWE NXT which makes the loss to former foe HBK Shawn Michaels even sweeter.

Prior to that, Grayson Waller last tangled with Carmelo Hayes in NXT the match that resulted in Grayson Waller leave NXT Spring Breakkin’ with a fractured leg, but he was still selected into in the primary roster.

In another match, Kevin Owens beat Austin Theory to make it into the tournament, despite the fact that his hand is broken’.

In an interview backstage with Kayla Braxton Kevin Owens was discussing his determination to continue playing at the event despite the injury, when he was greeted with Carmelo Hayes.

After hearing Hayes telling KO with respect that he was in need of to win this tournament and he was determined to bring his best performance to Owens.

There’s another tournament in the works, Santos Escobar is set to face Bobby Lashley in the other semi-final of the bracket.

The winner will receive an opportunity to play Logan Paul for his WWE United States Championship.

The show is filming a second show scheduled to air on December 22 (and offer WWE personnel and performers the week free of work) there will be spoilers about how the semi-finals are played out.

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