WWE Star Randy Orton Addresses LA Knight’s Meteoric Rise

WWE Star Randy Orton Addresses LA Knight's Meteoric Rise

The Legend Killer Randy Orton has revealed his thoughts on the meteoric rise LA Knight in WWE, calling him “one of one of a one of a kind”.

Although they’re all fighting for the same objective in WWE which is to oust his Tribal Chief Roman Reigns, Randy Orton is not averse to “high expectations” regarding LA Knight’s future plans in the WWE.

In an interview for WWE’s Kayla Braxton on The Bump, The Viper spoke about Knight’s rise from being a nobody to the WWE public, to becoming one of the most sought-after WWE superstars.

If asked about his opinion of Knight’s rise up his ranks Orton answered:

“Too for me to make a decision at this point. However, I am optimistic about the future of my son. I’d like to see him content and achieve whatever his dreams are. I would love to see him accomplish his goals as long that they don’t get my way. I’m okay with him doing what he wants to do.”

Orton revealed his thoughts on what differentiates Knight from other celebrities in the past that have gained popularity because of supporters:

“I’ve seen a lot of men come in, get hot, then go out. It’s not like that’s the case with him. In reality He’s an individual. He’s got something unique.

“I haven’t witnessed fans simply take to someone they don’t actually know that well so quickly.

“You’ve seen this before with artists like Kofi Kingston. They were aware of the names of these people for a decade, and then suddenly there was a huge growth in fan base.

“LA Knight was a little bit of a transition from zero to hero (click fingers) just like that, and it’s fascinating.

“I’m interested to know how much the crowd is chanting for him, and how long they last and, more importantly what he does to grow and keep the people buying t-shirts, shouting catchy phrases and things similar to that. I believe that he has the ability to achieve that.”

Although Orton has a nice word to say about Knight right now however, it is to be seen if the positive vibe will remain after the Royal Rumble.

In what appears to appear to Roman Reigns’ final title defense prior to WrestleMania 40. Knight, Orton and AJ Styles compete in a four-way battle for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

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