Dustin Rhodes Replacement: Cody Rhodes – Roman Reigns and The Rock

Dustin Rhodes Replacement: Cody Rhodes - Roman Reigns and The Rock

Dustin Rhodes has shared his shocking assessment of The Rock facing Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40 at Cody Rhodes’ expense.

In the eyes of many wrestling fans Cody Rhodes receiving his rematch against Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40 was viewed as a sure thing.

But the fact that The Rock recently returning to announce a blockbuster battle of his own alongside his cousin, the plans are not as certain with 2024’s Royal Rumble just over a week away.

The man who shared his thoughts regarding the issue Was Dustin Rhodes, who was asked about his thoughts on whether WWE should do about his younger brother in an conversation with Sports Illustrated.

Dustin stated:

“I believe that Cody will be in the main event position against Roman or if it’s The Rock.

“If it’s The Rock, I’m pissed that this is the time of Cody. Cody is now the brand’s face and it’s paying off.

“But I get it. If it’s The Rock, it’s still an excellent business. I know there are many fans of The Rock. However, I think it’s Cody’s time to shine.”

In addition to Rock’s teaser during the day 1 version of WWE Raw, there have been no other indications that he’ll have taken Cody Rhodes’ spot in the WrestleMania main event, with being the People’s Champion not yet advertised for the Royal Rumble or any other major events that are coming up.

But, that’s not meant to say that the odds won’t be changed the odds, as Rock still being considered in the top tier of those who can take home the Rumble match, based on the most recent odds on betting.

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