WWE Superstar’s Ascent Towards Judgment Day

WWE Superstar's Ascent Towards Judgment Day

Another WWE star is rumored to be they’re trying to join Judgment Day by making their presence and commitment to Judgment Day known.

The WWE Raw featured Dirty Dominik Mysterio and JD McDonagh battling JD McDonagh and Dirty Dominik Mysterio taking on the Creed Brothers on tonight’s WWE Raw and they got a surprise crowd at Ringside.

R-Truth who continues to remain active on Judgment Day, came to the ringside in support following having appeared on a stage along with the group.

In the wake of Wade Barrett noting on commentary that R-Truth was trying to replicate JD McDonagh’s journey through the transition from member conditional to member full at Judgment Day, Cole rebuffed the notion.

But R-Truth remained steadfast by offering his assistance at the ringside to the delights of fans at the ring and, most likely, at home.

R-Truth is continuing to make unexpected appearances on Judgment Day providing comic relief during the tension-filled backstage scene on the screen at Raw.

In terms of tension during the show tonight, WWE Raw GM Adam Pearce reached out to WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins to inform him of that he was going to contract CM Punk to an exclusive deal. Raw exclusive contract.

Punk is scheduled to appear on the next special episode on Monday Night Raw in Cleveland, Ohio.

With Rollins laughing at suggestion while pointing out that at some point Punk will “show his true colors” He then went on to return to the opponent of the night who is Jey Uso.

In the main match of tonight’s WWE Raw, Seth Rollins placed the title of his WWE World Heavyweight Championship on the line to take on Jey Uso.