Seth Rollins’ Response to CM Punk’s WWE Announcement

Seth Rollins had a hostile response to an announcement that was related to CM Punk during the telecast of WWE Raw (December 4).

In a backstage interview, WWE Raw General Manager Adam Pearce approached WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins to tell him some CM Punk news directly.

When he told Rollins that he would like to be honest about what he was planning, Pearce was point blank explaining his plan to agree to sign CM Punk to a Raw exclusive contract.

Seth Rollins' Response to CM Punk's WWE Announcement

Pearce told Rollins the news that CM Punk was scheduled to appear next week’s show of Monday Night Raw in Cleveland, Ohio.

With Rollins smiling at suggestion, while noting that in the end Punk will “show his true colors” Then he proceeded to focus on the challenger tonight with Jey Uso.

Seth told me:

“Zip it and I’m not giving an inch about it.” You’ll do what you have to do, but if He shows that the whole world what he really is in his colours and blows it up in front of you, can you are doing me a favor? Stay out of my ways when I’m doing what I’m supposed to perform …”

In the main show tonight at WWE Raw, Seth Rollins placed the WWE World Heavyweight Championship on the to the test against Jey Uso, with Rollins retained his title.

Punk will be on Friday’s SmackDown and next week’s episode on Raw.

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