Bryan Danielson Issues Challenges to All Participants, Even Close Allies, in the AEW Continental Classic

The top AEW player Bryan Danielson has called out all participants at his participation in the AEW Continental Classic competition, including his fellow players.

In the 2nd edition of AEW Collision Bryan Danielson defeated Eddie Kingston to gain his first scores in the Blue League in the Continental Classic tournament.

As Bryan enters the last calendar year in his full-time professional career, He is taking on the competition without a loss and is attempting to create history as the only AEW Triple Crown Champion.

In an exclusive digital AEW feature cameras sat down with Danielson to discuss his win at the Continental Classic. Danielson said:

“Here we are just three minutes since I defeated Eddie Kingston. The pace of my heart has decreased. I’m sitting here, meditating.”

“I did not expect you guys to be here to take a picture of me. However, I’m happy that you did as this is an opportunity to learn from. You can see the distinction between myself and Eddie Kingston.”

“Eddie Kingston physically is as tough as nails. You can see it all the time he poured all his heart every time he fought. The only thing he’s not strong about is his mind. The thing is, you’re required to be both,”

“Bad things will take place in tournaments similar to that of the Continental Classic. Bad things will occur.”

“I broke my bone on the outside of my orbit in 2 locations. My vision is blurry. I broke my arm back in June and am still unable to have all the strength in my arm. If you’re not strong mentally, you’ll use every excuse to lose,”

“Last week Eddie Kingston said, “Humble in victory and humble when you lose. This is just making yourself vulnerable to defeat. I will not lose.”

Bryan continued to shout out all the players in the tournament, including his friends, and said:

“This is my final full-time professional year as a wrestler. I return and do a lot of meditation after these matches, and I can lock everything I feel.”

“The one sport I am passionate about more than anything else, aside from my family. The thrill of winning and the pain of being hit, everything that happens, and then everything is locked,”

“There is not a man in the Continental Classic, not my foes like Eddie Kingston, not my friends like John Moxley and Claudio Castagnoli, there is not a man in the Continental Classic that is tougher mentally or tougher physically than me.”

Bryan Danielson will face Andrade El Idolo Blue League of the AEW Continental Classic tournament on the November 9 episode on Collision in Montreal, Quebec.

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