WWE’s Becky Lynch Receives Support and Guidance from Top Male Stars Including John Cena

WWE's Becky Lynch Receives Support and Guidance from Top Male Stars Including John Cena

Becky Lynch’s WrestleMania Ascent: A Journey Fueled by Mentorship

Becky Lynch recently shared her path to the main event of WWE WrestleMania, emphasizing the invaluable guidance she received from seasoned WWE stars. During a livestream alongside Seth Rollins, promoting her upcoming memoir, Lynch disclosed the pivotal role played by mentors in her transformative journey.

While Lynch had a clear vision of her goals, she acknowledged that becoming a trailblazer in the wrestling world required support from those who had tread a similar path. Notably, she cited the assistance of influential figures like Seth Rollins and John Cena, emphasizing their willingness to provide guidance without imposing barriers.

Lynch expressed, “Coming into WWE, I had one very specific goal… to main event WrestleMania and make women’s wrestling the coolest thing on TV. To change the game and be seen as equal.” However, navigating the early stages, particularly in NXT, proved perplexing as she confronted preconceived notions about women’s wrestling.

Describing the challenges she faced, Lynch recalled receiving directives like “move like a girl,” leaving her confused about the restrictive norms imposed. Additionally, she highlighted the male-dominated nature of the wrestling industry, where her aspirations to reach the pinnacle required seeking assistance from male counterparts.

Lynch expressed gratitude for the support she received, stating, “I was lucky that I had people like you [Seth Rollins] to turn to. John Cena, being able to ask him advice on all the live events… You very much had to go to people who had been in the spots you wanted to be. Luckily, everybody was so willing to help the younger and eager talent in that regard. Nobody is hoarding the secrets for themselves.

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