WWE’s Shocking Split: Inside the Drama as NXT’s Fallon, Henley, Briggs, and Jensen Officially Break Up

WWE's Shocking Split: Inside the Drama as NXT's Fallon, Henley, Briggs, and Jensen Officially Break Up

In a momentous backstage occurrence on the latest WWE NXT episode, a prominent wrestling faction formally disintegrated, collectively opting to pursue divergent paths.

In the preceding week, Josh Briggs explicitly directed his associates to abstain from the ringside vicinity, expressing his desire to venture into solo endeavors. However, contrary to his assertion, the reigning champion found himself far from solitary.

Noam Dar’s Meta-Four assembly, comprised of Jakara Jackson, Lash Legend, and Oro Mensah, occupied ringside, instigating a considerable degree of distraction and interference.

Following Briggs’ confrontation with Noam Dar for the coveted WWE Heritage Cup, which culminated in a defeat via disqualification, he rendezvoused backstage with Brooks Jensen and Fallon Henley.

Acknowledging Briggs’ inclination toward solitary competition, Jensen conveyed his enduring affection while recognizing the inevitability of parting ways. The trio’s amicable dissolution, though congenial, presented a poignant tableau as Fallon Henley and Josh Briggs walked away, leaving Brooks Jensen to assume their collective stance in isolation.

On Twitter, Jensen wrote:

“Josh & @FallonHenleyWWE,

If you must go

I wish you love

You’ll never walk alone

Elsewhere on the same broadcast, a grudge match between Fallon Henley and Tiffany Stratton was formally announced for NXT New Year’s Evil. The stipulation dictated that if Henley emerged triumphant, Stratton would assume the role of her ‘Ranch Hand’ for the day; conversely, a victory for Stratton would render Henley her ‘servant’ for the day.

In recent times, both Fallon Henley and Brooks Jensen made appearances during WWE Raw tapings, engaging in dark matches before a live audience for WWE Main Event on Peacock.

The aftermath of this separation prompts speculation regarding potential elevation to the main roster for some members of the trio or perhaps a transformative shift in their WWE NXT personas. The unfolding narrative leaves us intrigued, awaiting revelations that may transcend the conventional trajectory.

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