Accelerating Ahead: WWE’s Latest Trademark Filing Speeds into Action

Accelerating Ahead: WWE's Latest Trademark Filing Speeds into Action

The WWE seems to be venturing into new territory with a potential addition to its lineup, hinted at by a recent trademark application filed with the USPTO.

During the WWE SmackDown tapings on December 15, keen-eyed fans noticed a distinctive branding, labeled “WWE Speed,” encircling the ring during two matches. Reports suggest that these matches were filmed with the intention of potential broadcast, leaving fans intrigued about the possibility of a new show.

On December 17, a trademark application for “WWE Speed” surfaced on the United States Patent and Trademark Office website, outlining its intended use for various entertainment services related to professional wrestling. This includes producing and broadcasting wrestling events, delivering wrestling news, and operating a website for wrestling information.

Fast forward to February 7, 2024, and another application was filed with the USPTO, this time emphasizing the live production, exhibition, and distribution of wrestling events, along with news coverage and website provision, all under the “WWE Speed” banner. Notably, the application lists Lauren A. Dienes-Middlen as the attorney overseeing the process.

Despite these filings, details regarding the format and presentation of WWE Speed remain shrouded in mystery. Whether it will debut as a standalone show or integrate into existing programming remains to be seen, leaving fans eagerly anticipating what’s to come from this intriguing trademark development.

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