Inside AEW: Unraveling the Young Bucks’ EVP Trigger Finisher

Inside AEW: Unraveling the Young Bucks' EVP Trigger Finisher

Farewell to the BTE Trigger: Young Bucks Unveil New Finisher in AEW

The latest episode of AEW Dynamite on February 7 showcased an intense showdown between Big Bill & Ricky Starks and the formidable duo of Sting & Darby Allin, vying for the coveted Tag Team Championships.

In a surprising turn of events, the Young Bucks made their presence felt during the post-match celebration, signaling a title change. Despite their longstanding animosity towards Sting, the Jackson brothers wasted no time in making their mark, drenching their suits in blood as they executed their finishing move, previously dubbed the BTE Trigger, on Darby Allin.

During the broadcast, Tony Schiavone humorously suggested banning the move, only to be swiftly corrected by Excalibur, who revealed that Matthew Jackson had rebranded it as the EVP Trigger. As Executive Vice Presidents of AEW, the Jackson brothers aptly incorporated “EVP” into the move’s name.

The Young Bucks’ return to AEW television on January 10, 2024, ignited a heated rivalry with Sting and Allin, culminating in a highly anticipated tag match set for AEW Revolution on March 3, 2024. Reports indicate that Sting, wielding creative control, has secured a match of his choosing, a testament to his revered status within the industry.

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