Becky Lynch Names 2023 Match with Trish Stratus as Favorite in WWE Career

Becky Lynch Names 2023 Match with Trish Stratus as Favorite in WWE Career

Becky Lynch has opened up about a rivalry that was dominant for most of 2023 and called the last game of the series one of the most cherished matches throughout her career.

Between WrestleMania 39 on April through Payback from September to WrestleMania 39, The Man was involved in a live perspective with one of most popular women WWE wrestlers, Trish Stratus.

From forming a team and competing in a variety of one-on-one contests, the fight was to end with a steel cage fight at Payback which was the first such event for Stratus during her lengthy career.

The feud and fight generally is thought as one of the best events of 2023 for the company by fans, a view which is shared by Lynch who recently shared his thoughts about the event and his work with the Hall of Famers throughout the year during his appearance on Casual podcast featuring Brad Tate.

Lynch has said:

“I believe it’s likely to remain a of a shock having been fan of a person who you can work with them. It was awe-inspiring.

We’ve always said that she’s among the best of all time and she proved that through her work ethic and awe-inspiring attitude.

I’m extremely happy about the cage fight we enjoyed at Payback. I believe it’s among my top matches I’ve ever played in and what an privilege to have that experience with Trish the Stratus.”

We aren’t seeing Stratus since Payback however, she’s identified in the category of Raw wrestler on WWE’s roster page. She recently teased a new show in 2024.

In the case of Lynch her 2024, she got off to a difficult start when she fell her match to Nia Jax on a bitter match that was five years in the creating at the Day 1 Raw Raw (January 1).

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