Deonna Purrazzo Joins AEW: A New Signing of One of the Most Complete Wrestlers in the Industry

Deonna Purrazzo Joins AEW: A New Signing of One of the Most Complete Wrestlers in the Industry

A current AEW member has been praised for the recent signing, declaring them to be among the “most complete wrestlers in the industry”.

Rumors abound about possible new recruits for AEW’s women’s division This week’s Dynamite featured one of the most popular free agents in the industry Deonna Purrazzo announced as All Elite.

A former WWE star has gained a reputation for being one of the top female wrestlers in the world during her time with TNA/IMPACT Her arrival has created fresh excitement for the upcoming year, especially for the women’s division of the company.

Although Tony Khan has come under criticism from his viewers for not using the female talent more in his show, there’s optimism that things will change in 2024, specifically due to Mercedes Mone potentially arriving in the near future.

In addition to the fan enthusiasm There is a sense that those in AEW have the same feelings like AEW Collision Commentator Kevin Kelly recently took to Twitter to laud both Purrazzo and a new star who is set returning for AEW TV: Serena Deeb.

Kelly tweeted:

The additions of Deonna Purrazzo, and her return Serena Deeb, the AEW Women’s Division boasts two of the best wrestlers in the business.

I’m looking forward calling their games.

This could also provoke an answer from Purrazzo herself, who thanked Kelly for the kind words on Twitter:

Thank you for your nice words from @realkevinkelly! We are excited to collaborate with you again! !

This day’s collision (January 6) an vignette was shown to celebrate to celebrate the coming back of Deeb (see further below) which has been off the field since the end of October 2022.

It’s not clear yet when the Professor will come back to the fight. However, be sure to keep an eye out for the latest news.

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