Maxxine Dupri WWE Star: Skills in Training at the Performance Center

Maxxine Dupri WWE Star: Skills in Training at the Performance Center

WWE superstar as well as Alpha Academy member Maxxine Dupri has spoken about her first experience learning in the WWE Performance Center.

Maxxine Dupri signed a contract with WWE in 2021 prior to making her debut on the screen in 2022.

Dupri’s journey into the ring began in the month of July 2023 when she made her debut in the ring in a tag team match with Chad Gable and Otis of the Alpha Academy.

Before her first appearance, the Maxxine received specialized coaching by “Coach Gable” and from the coaches at the WWE Performance Center.

In an interview with the podcast Lightweights Maxxine Dupri talked about her first experience of training on WWE PC. WWE PC. She stated:

“[The coaches] watch back your matches, things you’ve done,”

“We refer to them as PC live, in which you play like a game. We look back at things from the back of the day, all the time.”

“It kind of depends on the coach because the coach runs it, so it’s really whoever their cup of tea is.”

“They’ll be able to stop and tell you, ‘Look at the way he did it. This is the reason you’re trying to follow this path or this is the reason this was successful in this particular time period however, perhaps today this style of thinking won’t be effective. ‘”

Dupri described what she describes as “pinch me” moment in the ring during her top four tag team match between contenders on the 20th November issue of WWE Raw, Dupri said:

“That was not on my bingo card for that Monday,” Dupri declared. “Then I thought okay, I’m sure I can accomplish it. I’m extremely capable, and it’ll be perfectly.”

“It’ll be so enjoyable But then you’re there and you’re thinking ‘I’ve have to get out of here. I shouldn’t stay here all day and think about it. I’m just going to out and leave. And then it’s the most satisfying feeling.”

Maxxine Dupri’s tag team companion Ivy Nile is coming off the heels of her most intense loss to date when she was beaten to Rhea Ripley in Rhea Ripley’s WWE Women’s World Championship on the “Day 1” edition of Raw.

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