Will Ospreay Shares Heartfelt Message Before Departure from NJPW

Will Ospreay Shares Heartfelt Message Before Departure from NJPW

In the near future, AEW superstar Will Ospreay has posted an emotional post ahead the date of his NJPW contract ending.

Just over an entire month left until his final meeting with his employer on the 11th of February, Ospreay posted an image of a unique present he received to mark his time with the company.

The Aerial Assassin displayed an Japanese flag that read ‘Thank You to 8 years Will Ospreay’ over the middle along with numerous other messages nearly covering the remainder of the flag.

Alongside his flag display, the 30-year-old showcased the two messages below, including one was quoted in his heartfelt tweet that showcased the touching present.

Ospreay Said:

“If you about to crash, we will be there to support you, and if it rains on you, we will be your umbrella.”

This note and all the messages made me cry up to tears as I sat in my room.

Thank you thank you for caring about me and treating me as if I were family.

After much speculation about his future plans, Ospreay officially signed a contract with All Elite Wrestling at Full Gear 2023 in November.

The result brought an end to his impressive career in NJPW where He won three times the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship, United States Championship and the Junior Heavyweight Championship three times as well as other.

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