WrestleMania 40: Cody Rhodes of WWE Reflects on Aid to Wrestling Club

WrestleMania 40: Cody Rhodes of WWE Reflects on Aid to Wrestling Club

The top WWE celebrity Cody Rhodes has commented on helping the school’s group, “The Wrestling Club” attend WrestleMania 40 in Philadelphia.

On the 3rd of January Cody Rhodes revealed that he helped the school group in Brooklyn, New York in their quest to make it to WrestleMania 40 by granting them tickets to the show.

The Wrestling Club is an organization of students led by Victor Taylor Perry at the KIPP AMP Middle School In Brooklyn which have developed a sense of the community through discussion and professional wrestling.

In an interview with PEOPLE, Rhodes commented on his gesture towards the crowd. He stated:

“Seeing their reaction was priceless,”

“Good things happen for good folks. This is exactly what I love about social media. It’s bright spots such as these incredible children.”

“I did not experience any of that and would like to have it. What I enjoy the most at TWC is the feeling of belonging.”

“Wrestling is more popular than ever, but when it wasn’t it was difficult to find and connect with people as passionate about wrestling as you were.”

“They’ve got a place to discuss the highs and lows of it all, support each other and have fun.”

“My wife Brandi would like to find ways to arrange an appointment for me and the kids this weekend. I’m wondering if I could simply show up at the school, and then make them feel special?”

Cody Rhodes has declared himself for 2024’s Men’s Royal Rumble match at the event’s official date of the 27th of January.

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