Former NFL Star Receives Invitation from Triple H to Join WWE

Former NFL Star Receives Invitation from Triple H to Join WWE

WWE has witnessed its fair amount of NFL crossovers throughout the decades From William “The Refrigerator” Perry during WrestleMania 2 to Lawrence Taylor competing in the main event at WrestleMania 11 to recent appearances from Rob Gronkowski and George Kittle.

It’s time to add another one to the list. Triple H has invited a former NFL player to a WWE event after watching the video they posted discussing their passion for wrestling.

In his Nightcap podcast Three-time Super Bowl winning tight-end Shannon Sharpe shared his happy memories and passion for wrestling dating all the way back to his childhood.

In a video posted on the Twitter platform (see further below), Sharpe recalls watching the likes of Harley Race, Bobo Brazil, Nick Bockwinkel in his young years, and going on shows in order to see them perform with his family.

Incredulous by Sharpe’s vast knowledge and passion for the industry The the WWE’s chief content officer Triple H would re-post the video and extend the invitation for Sharpe and the rest of the crew at Nightcap to attend a forthcoming WWE event.

Triple H tweeted:

We are grateful for the respect and love for our history. company.

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