TNA Wrestling Introduces Exciting New Championship in the X-Division

TNA Wrestling Introduces Exciting New Championship in the X-Division

TNA Wrestling have unveiled a new design for their championship in advance of their official rebranding on the Hard to Kill pay-per-view on January 13.

As IMPACT Wrestling transforms into TNA again, the company has started their transition with an overhaul of one of the most famous championships of its more than 20 years of history.

In a post on the Twitter account (see the video below), TNA President Scott D’Amore presented X-Division Champion Chris Sabin with a brand new title.

In the past D’Amore also celebrated Sabin’s accomplishments and position as not just an TNA first-timer but also an individual who held the title 10 times.

D’Amore said:

Chris Sabin, as we leave our Impact Wrestling era and we transition to the fresh TNA Wrestling era, I cannot think of anyone more suitable to to continue the title than someone who was in the first year and held the title 10 times.

In this moment, I’d like to show you the brand new TNA X-Division Championship belt.

After receiving the stunning newly-released X-Division Championship belt, Sabin would discuss what wearing the title means to him.

Sabin told me:

It’s a privilege in my life to represent this company as an X-Division Champion.

You were with me when I was awarded the first X-Division Championship at the age of 21 years old. Now at 41, I’m in the tenth year of my X-Division rule, I’m overwhelmed by this new title. It’s my privilege to represent TNA as TNA for the next 10 years in the role of X-Division Champion.

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