WWE’s Zelina Vega Sets Sights on Rematch with Rhea Ripley

WWE's Zelina Vega Sets Sights on Rematch with Rhea Ripley

WWE SmackDown Star Zelina Vega hinted at a possible rematch to Rhea Ripley on Rhea Ripley’s WWE Women’s World Championship.

In Backlash 2023 Rhea Ripley was able to defeat Zelina Vega to win her title of WWE Women’s World Championship. It was viewed as an achievement that was a crowning moment for Vega her family hails of Puerto Rico and put on a great performance against.

On 7 January on the 7th of January, 7 January, the USA Network Twitter/X account asked viewers to select the stars they would like to see compete against Ripley to Ripley’s title in the WWE Women’s World Championship. One person responded Zelina Vegas as a possibility.

The USA Network account agreed with the decision and said that Vega would like to have another opportunity. Zelina Vega tweeted the following:

Damn right @USANetwork

@RheaRipley_WWE didn’t forget and bury my name in Puerto Rico.. and I have grudges.

Rhea Ripley was last seen wrestling in a victory over Ivy Nile to retain the WWE Women’s World Championship on the “Day 1” edition of WWE Raw.

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