Bray Wyatt’s Dominance Ignites AEW Match Swerve with Strickland

Bray Wyatt's Dominance Ignites AEW Match Swerve with Strickland

The wrestling community remains immersed in homage to the late Windham Rotunda, better known as Bray Wyatt, who departed on August 24 at the age of 36. AEW’s Swerve Strickland recently took center stage in a Texas Deathmatch against Hangman Adam Page at Full Gear, delivering a heartfelt tribute to Wyatt’s enduring legacy.

In a symbolic nod to The Fiend, Wyatt’s iconic persona, Strickland donned red and black striped tights during the emotionally charged match. Despite a limited overlap in their careers due to Wyatt’s WWE release before Strickland’s main roster stint, the profound influence Wyatt had on Strickland was evident.

In an interview with Sam Roberts on Not Sam Wrestling, Strickland opened up about Wyatt’s impact on him and how Wyatt’s spirit seemingly “powered” their Texas Deathmatch with Page. Although Strickland acknowledged not sharing the same closeness with Wyatt as some other colleagues did, he expressed deep appreciation for Wyatt’s creative genius.

Strickland recognized The Fiend’s brilliance during its peak, emphasizing the risks Wyatt took on a weekly basis across both Raw and SmackDown. He credited Wyatt with bringing a new era of horror to the wrestling screen, a sentiment often overlooked by fans. Strickland’s tribute extended beyond the symbolic gear, as he recounted moments of camaraderie with Wyatt in the locker room during their time together at 205 Live.

The match’s positive reception served as a testament to the impact it had on those who truly cared about Wyatt’s legacy. Strickland acknowledged the rarity of unanimous acclaim in the wrestling world but stressed that the match resonated deeply with the right audience, changing lives in the process. Grateful for the transformative influence Wyatt had on his viewing perspective, Strickland expressed a commitment to incorporating a piece of that revolutionary spirit into his own wrestling journey.

In a fitting conclusion, Strickland emerged victorious against Page, marking another milestone in his rapid ascent within AEW.

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