Exploring WWE’s Latest Tag Team Addition: Cedric Alexander Sparks Comments

Exploring WWE's Latest Tag Team Addition: Cedric Alexander Sparks Comments

Cedric Alexander Reacts to New Tag-Team Partnership with Ashante ‘The’ Adonis

Cedric Alexander recently shared his thoughts on teaming up with Ashante ‘The’ Adonis after their new tag-team partnership was unveiled.

Adonis, who made a recent appearance on WWE, expressing his desire for fresh opportunities, seems to have had his wish granted.

WWE dropped a video confirming the rebranding of Adonis and Alexander as a tag-team, a move that Alexander himself shared on Twitter with the caption: “We some baaad boooyz”.

Both wrestlers have a history of being part of successful factions. Adonis was previously part of Hit Row alongside B-Fab, Isaiah Scott (Swerve Strickland), and Top Dolla (AJ Francis). Meanwhile, Alexander found success in the Hurt Business alongside Bobby Lashley, MVP, and Shelton Benjamin.

Speaking of Benjamin, WWE recently announced his first match since his release in September 2023.

Additionally, Alexander had a notable appearance at a WWE Speed taping in December 2023. WWE officially introduced the Speed brand during the WrestleMania 40 Kickoff, featuring matches with a maximum duration of five minutes in collaboration with X/Twitter.

It seems the excitement around WWE Speed is growing, with another star expressing interest in competing in the fast-paced format.

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