Legal Challenges Arise for AEW with Recent Signing of Black Taurus

Legal Challenges Arise for AEW with Recent Signing of Black Taurus

Legal hurdles that could be a problem are reported to be making it difficult for AEW and the expected new contract for the company.

According to a recent report by Luchablog, AEW has reached an agreement with the former AAA Latin American Champion Black Taurus.

Black Taurus has carved out a long and successful track record in Mexico throughout AAA as well as CMLL and has been able to make waves to the American market in recent times through appearances with TNA/IMPACT and more recently, a couple of games in AEW Rampage as well as ROH TV against El Hijo Del Vikingo.

Although AEW is obviously keen on more Taurus on their programs, it appears that they will have to face some legal hurdles to over come.

The specifics, as per Luchablog, pertain with specifically the Black Taurus character itself and an ensuing dispute among Taurus and AAA in regards to the rights to the game.

As Luchablog clarifies, Black Taurus originally competed under the name Taurus in AAA However, when departure from the company in the year 2016 he changed the brand name Black Taurus and would register the name as his own to use for his own purposes.

When he returned after a brief stint with AAA two years after that Black Taurus would return to the name ‘Taurus’, but he would continue to make use of the name he held rights to when competing outside of AAA and something AAA would permit, even when competing against TNA/IMPACT.

It appears as it is possible that AAA isn’t entirely happy to allow Black Taurus continuing to use his name while competing with AEW this could cause a change from the character completely in order to avoid legal problems.

The report states that although AEW as well as Black Taurus would have a compelling argument to continue using the character’s name on their programs however, the long-running legal process surrounding Luchasaurus masks could deter the two from putting themselves in danger.

In the end Luchablog is expecting Black Taurus to sacrifice the Taurus name completely to go with something different and this is something he had planned for when he moved to AEW.

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