Legal Counsel Stephen P. Explores Advocacy for Ace Steel in AEW Clash with CM Punk

Legal Counsel Stephen P. Explores Advocacy for Ace Steel in AEW Clash with CM Punk

Attorney Stephen P. New recently discussed his involvement in representing CM Punk and Ace Steel in the aftermath of the infamous “Brawl Out” incident at AEW’s All Out 2022. Punk had approached New to serve as their attorney during the backstage altercation with AEW producer Steel, Kenny Omega, and The Young Bucks.

The incident resulted in Steel’s temporary firing and extended suspensions for other performers. New, known for representing notable wrestlers like Jim Cornette, went public as Punk and Steel’s agent during the fight. In an interview on the “House of Kayfabe,” he shed light on their relationship, revealing that Punk had approached him just two months after the incident.

New explained that while Punk already had a legal team, Ace Steel did not. The discussions between the group revolved around wrestling, and New, an enthusiast since the ’80s, believed his unique perspective played a role in his selection. He provided an external legal standpoint for Punk and Steel during the trial, citing his knowledge from representing other individuals.

During the interview, New shared a story of encountering Punk and other AEW performers at Charleston Airport in August 2022. This incident occurred while attending an AEW Dynamite event in Charleston, West Virginia, where Punk had previously yelled “Hangman” Adam Page weeks before the “Brawl Out.”

Interestingly, New mentioned a near encounter with Jack Perry at the Marriott that morning and reflected on the subsequent stage fight between Perry and Punk during the 2023 All-Stars. This altercation led to Punk’s demotion and eventual return to WWE. Throughout the interview, New praised Punk and Steel as straight shooters and loyal individuals in an industry he described as “carny.”

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