Liv Morgan’s Shadow: The Former WWE Star’s Alias ‘Francine’ in WWE 2K24

Liv Morgan's Shadow: The Former WWE Star's Alias 'Francine' in WWE 2K24

Twitter Controversy Surrounds WWE 2K24 Entrance: Liv Morgan vs. Francine

The excitement surrounding WWE 2K24’s imminent release on March 8 has been met with a Twitter storm of controversy. WWE Games, in their bid to drum up anticipation for the game, have been teasing fans with sneak peeks of various wrestler entrances. One such reveal featured Liv Morgan, with the caption “Queen of Extreme.”

However, this seemingly innocent caption sparked a heated exchange involving former ECW and WWE star, Francine. The nickname “Queen of Extreme” holds significant historical weight in wrestling circles, as Francine had used it during her tenure in ECW and holds the trademark for its professional wrestling usage.

Taking to Twitter, Francine wasted no time in asserting her legal claim over the nickname, stating, “Hey @WWEgames I have The Queen of Extreme trademarked. Do you need something sent to you guys again from my lawyer?” She further clarified her position, emphasizing her decades-long association with the nickname and the legal protection she secured for it.

In response to Francine’s tweets, WWE Games swiftly altered the caption to “You Only Liv Once.” Francine acknowledged the change with a tweet of her own, expressing approval and gratitude to those who supported her throughout the ordeal.

Despite the adjustment, Liv Morgan herself weighed in on the controversy, subtly throwing shade at Francine in a tweet accompanying her entrance video. Morgan’s choice of words, “Queen of extremely absurd physical feats ??,” hinted at a playful yet pointed response to the situation.

The clash between Liv Morgan and Francine serves as a reminder of the intricate legalities and sensitivities surrounding intellectual property in the world of professional wrestling. As fans eagerly await the release of WWE 2K24, this Twitter tussle adds an unexpected layer of drama to the buildup.

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