WWE’s Bronson Reed Discredits Explanation Behind Elimination Chamber

WWE's Bronson Reed Discredits Explanation Behind Elimination Chamber

WWE superstar Bronson Reed has spelled out the theory that Reed isn’t scheduled to perform at the Elimination Chambers in Perth.

With WWE taking their Elimination Chamber in Perth Many were hoping for the majority stars from Australia’s Australian WWE superstars to appear during the event.

One of the Australian superstars is Raw’s “Big’ Bronson Reed, who took part in a qualifier game with Bobby Lashley on last week’s Raw show.

In a surprising outcome, Lashley defeated the Aussie and clinched through to Perth and presumably leave Reed out of the competition in his country of birth.

Following his death on social media reported Reed’s wife is expecting, and believe that this could be the reason Reed was not able to attend in the Chamber.

In a tweet amid the speculations, Reed did confirm that his wife is expecting however, he disproved that as the reason behind his absence from the event, stating that the stars didn’t coincide’.

He wrote:

My family, yes my wife is expecting.

That’s not the reason I’m on the #WWEChamber

Thank you for sharing your questions. Sometimes the stars do not align.

My family,

Yes my wife is pregnant.

It’s not the reason I’m participating in #WWEChamber.

Thank you for your concern. Sometimes the stars do not align.


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