NXT’s Rising Star: Oba Femi’s Journey to WWE Champion in 5 Years

NXT's Rising Star: Oba Femi's Journey to WWE Champion in 5 Years

The rising WWE NXT star has outlined their plans for the next three years, and claims that they’ll become WWE Champion.

NXT Men’s Breakout Tournament winner Oba Femi has burst onto his own since start of the year, and he has clocked on his contract to win the tournament only one week after he won it to take home the North American Championship from Dragon Lee.

The fact that Oba Femi already enjoying successes in his career and his career, the ceiling is only the beginning of his future in WWE and Femi has declared his confidence in his future.

In The Bump, a WWE show The Bump, Femi was asked about where he envisions himself in the next 3-5 years.

He stated simply:

“NXT Champion Main lineup, WWE Champion. Why is that?”

Femi was then asked any final words for anyone wanting to compete for his title in the near future.

He added:

“I am a single word. Actually, I have a lot of words. You can get them. Come on over. I’m inviting everyone to join me. Because you believe you’re going for a chance But you’re actually likely to be ruined. You’re going to be thrown into the lion’s dungeon, so bring it with you.”

Femi has defended his label against Lexis King in the last NXT episode. NXT.

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