Matt Riddle’s Future: WWE-NJPW Update

Matt Riddle's Future: WWE-NJPW Update

Matt Riddle has been updated on his future with NJPW, ahead of the announced debut in ring for this promotion.

The former WWE star issued a video challenge to NJPW World TV Champion Hiroshi Tanahashi during the New Year Dash 5 show.

NJPW announced Riddle’s debut with the promotion on January 13, Battle in the Valley in San Jose, California.

Dave Meltzer, of the Wrestling Observer reports that Riddle will wrestle in Japan during NJPW’s tour there in February.

The tour, which will include several Road to The New Beginning concerts, will take place in advance of The New Beginning Osaka, and The New Beginning Sapporo, on February 11 and 23 and 24,

Riddle’s tour with NJPW in Japan will be the first time that he has wrestled there.

Next Saturday, Riddle and a partner will face Zack Sabre Jr. and Bad Dude Tito in the Battle in the Valley.

Matt Riddle’s WWE contract was terminated during the round of cuts in September 2023.

Dolph Ziggler was another wrestler let go from WWE in September 2023. He made his NJPW debut at the Wrestle Kingdom 18, January 4, event, where he brawled with IWGP Global Heavyweight champion David Finlay.