Tony Khan Removes MJF from AEW Roster

Tony Khan Removes MJF from AEW Roster

Tony Khan, AEW president, has responded to the removal of MJF from the AEW roster.

There has been speculation regarding the next move of the popular star, as his contract was set to expire in January.

MJF was removed from AEW’s roster page after he became uncertain about his future in the ring.

Tony Khan, speaking on Going Ringside with News4JAX, praised MJF and said he would love to see MJF featured on AEW TV in the future.

Khan replied:

“I can tell you that MJF has certainly been a big part of AEW in the first five year. During those five years he was one of the great stars we have produced… and he is someone that I really value. If the contract situation allows, I would love for MJF to be a part of AEW again in the future.

“Certainly, MJF would be someone we’d love to have as an AEW in the future. He’s been an excellent wrestler for us.

Recent reports indicate that MJF was removed from the AEW roster as part of a plot, but it’ll be a long time before we see him in the ring.

MJF has been diagnosed with multiple injuries. His shoulder injury, it was recently reported, is the most severe.

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