Raychell Rose Indie Wrestler Counters Booker T’s Concerns on Safety Matters

Raychell Rose Indie Wrestler Counters Booker T's Concerns on Safety Matters

Just a few days ago, the wrestling community was rocked by accusations against Booker T and his Reality of Wrestling (ROW) promotion. Former ROW talent, Raychell Rose, came forward with claims that the promotion mishandled a situation involving her being stalked by ROW trainee Shawn Reed. Among Rose’s allegations was an incident in December 2022, where Reed followed her to a bar after a ROW event, resulting in an altercation and subsequent arrests.

Booker addressed these allegations on his podcast, “Hall of Fame,” countering several of Rose’s claims. In response, Rose took to her YouTube channel to address Booker’s statements in a 13-minute video.

Booker T

Rose refuted Booker’s assertion that she didn’t properly address the stalking situation with ROW management. She explained that, in her experience, communication regarding such matters went through Kevin Bernhardt, who oversaw day-to-day operations. Rose claimed she followed protocol by informing Bernhardt, who assured her he would relay the information to Booker and Sharmell, thus negating the need for her direct involvement with them.

Contrary to Booker’s claim that Reed had been issued a trespassing decree, Rose presented evidence to the contrary, citing a conversation with the Texas City Police Department. According to Rose, no documentation existed to support Booker’s assertion, rendering it misleading.

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Rose also contested Booker’s claim that he advised her not to visit a bar where Reed was present. She stated she was unaware of Reed’s presence and clarified that her interaction with Booker outside the ROW venue was an attempt to contact the police regarding Reed.

Addressing the time lapse between the incident and her allegations, Rose emphasized that while ROW may have moved on, she continues to grapple with the situation daily. Despite her ongoing efforts to seek resolution with law enforcement and legal counsel, ROW has remained uninvolved, leading to a sense of disconnect between Rose and the promotion.

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