Santos Escobar Opens Up About Departing from Script During Survivor Series 2023 WWE Showdown

Santos Escobar Opens Up About Departing from Script During Survivor Series 2023 WWE Showdown

Santos Escobar, known for his recent return to his villainous persona on the main roster of “WWE NXT,” found himself entangled in a fierce confrontation with former Latino World Order members. The heated encounter took place at Survivor Series: War Games, where Escobar faced off against Dragon Lee, emerging victorious in a gripping battle of heels. In a recent revelation on Freddie Prinze Jr.’s “Wrestling With Freddie” podcast, Escobar admitted to deviating from the script, tearing Lee’s mask in a moment that added intensity to the narrative.

Reflecting on the non-scripted incident, Escobar emphasized the importance of conveying authenticity to the audience, particularly in the context of Lucha culture. “The mask, the tradition, the respect that’s behind the mask. It’s important that our audiences know that for a fact,” stated Escobar, underscoring the significance of such unscripted actions in elevating the stakes of the storyline.

During the intense bout, Escobar strategically targeted Lee’s mask, tearing it towards the eyes. Despite the assault, Lee resiliently kept the mask on, preserving the mystique of his identity. Escobar expressed gratitude for the passionate Survivor Series crowd in Chicago, drawing parallels between the fervor of the Chicago audience and that of Mexico.

Acknowledging the impact of his actions, Escobar revealed that cutting Lee’s face during the match created a palpable “white heat.” Dragon Lee, stepping in for the incapacitated Carlito, displayed resilience after being attacked twice by Escobar on “WWE SmackDown.” Instead of canceling the match, Lee approached “SmackDown” General Manager Nick Aldis, expressing his willingness to face Escobar.

Currently participating in a tournament with aspirations for a shot at the Logan Paul United States Championship, Escobar is slated to face Bobby Lashley in the semi-finals. As Escobar’s narrative unfolds, his unscripted moments continue to inject unpredictability and excitement into the WWE landscape.