WWE Main Roster Evaluation by NXT Sensation Trick Williams

WWE Main Roster Evaluation by NXT Sensation Trick Williams

This week, it was announced that Carmelo Hayes was set to make the “SmackDown” debut this Friday of the United States Championship Tournament, taking on Grayson Waller in a first round match. In light of this news, Hayes’ longtime associate and “NXT” Superstar Trick Williams has revealed whether the latter is planning to join Hayes as a regular on the roster shortly.

“You are aware, and to be honest Bully I’m always an advocate of staying in the right place,” Williams told Bully Ray on “Busted Open Radio.” “So whatever the goal is in front for me, i would like to finish it. That is, if it means ‘Raw’ then it’s “Raw.’ If it means ‘NXT’, it’s called ‘NXT.'”

Ray’s host, Tommy Dreamer, shared his thoughts on the subject when asked if he believed Williams as well as Hayes would be ready to make their debuts as part of the main roster prior.

“I think that both are. I’d suggest keeping them far from the other [“Raw” and “SmackDown”as they’re both babyfaces. There’s a lot of babyfaces on the front for both brands. Beware of them since [Carmelo Hayes] will not appear on television,” said Dreamer.

Williams joined WWE on February 20, 2021 and made a deal with Carmelo Hayes in his TV debut seven years later, in September. This led to Williams having a brief stint as the North American Champion and Hayes winning the North American Championship twice and “NXT” Championship twice.

He won the male’s Iron Survivor Challenge at “NXT” Deadline this past Saturday and is trying to determine who is the mysterious person who assaulted him on October 17 causing tension between him and Hayes.

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