Zelina Vega and WWE Star Andrade ‘El Idolo’ Set to Make a Return to the Company

Zelina Vega and WWE Star Andrade 'El Idolo' Set to Make a Return to the Company

Upon learning about Andrade El Idolo’s imminent return to WWE, a current WWE star took to social media to express her anticipation with a succinct message.

Responding to a training snapshot from the former AEW star, Zelina Vega, who was once Andrade’s manager, conveyed her reaction through a suggestive emoji on X.

In a recent post, Vega shared her response to a picture Andrade posted, featuring an hourglass emoji. The symbolism of the hourglass adds an intriguing layer to the speculation surrounding Andrade’s return.

At AEW Worlds End, Miro claimed victory over Andrade El Idolo, following a betrayal by Andrade’s manager, CJ Perry, who happens to be Miro’s wife. This turn of events hinted at Andrade’s departure from All Elite Wrestling, a confirmation Tony Khan made during the media scrum after the show.

Although Khan left room for a potential return, indications strongly point towards Andrade making his way back to WWE. While an official announcement is pending, the most recent update reinforces the belief that Andrade’s move to WWE is the probable outcome.

Adding to the intrigue, Zelina Vega made a special appearance on WWE NXT this week, accompanying the LWO (Cruz del Toro and Joaquin Wilde) for their Dusty Cup match, further fueling speculation about Andrade’s impending return.

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